Case Study: WinPE-3.0 Custom Image Build


I was/am attempting to build a custom, bootable WinPE-3.0 image with Areca RAID and Dell drivers also to include executable files for gimage, disk2vhd, and EaseUS Partition Master.

I started this project with 7 batch files and a link to a walkthrough on building a custom WinPE image.


Problem Being Addressed:

The sacdrv.sys file, located in the Windows/System32/drivers folder, was corrupt thus preventing certain device drivers, system settings, and variables from being loaded.


The Approach Taken:

I tried downloading one and I also tried copying the sacdrv.sys file from a known working WinPE image to replace the corrupt file but neither worked.


Problems Experienced:

The problem occurred because:

  1. I was running cmd from the start menu
  2. the batch files were in a folder on the desktop


Things We Would Do Differently:

The batch files should be run from the Deployment Tools Command Prompt that came with the Windows AIK installation and batch files should be in the WindowsAIK/Tools/PETools folder in order to have all the environment variables needed to properly load everything into the image.



Original walkthrough

Where I found the solution


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