Case Study: Windows Install from Upgrade DVD (Clean Install)


If you have a windows upgrade DVD you can do a clean install with it without having a previous operating system installed.


Problem Being Addressed:

After doing an install with the upgrade dvd activation will fail due to it being an upgrade dvd and a previous OS wasn’t installed.


The Approach Taken:

Using an upgrade DVD to install windows needs a registry value changed to allow activation.

Open “Regedit”;
Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Setup/OOBE/

Open the “MediabootInstall” key in the right pane.
Change the key value from ‘1’ to ‘0’.

Exit “RegEdit”;

Open Command Prompt as administrator.
Type: ‘slmgr /rearm’ and press Enter.
Restart workstation for proper activation.


Problems Experienced:

On Larry Newby’s workstation the drive was formatted and an upgrade DVD was used to install windows 8. This results in an
“error 0x8007007B, saying your product key can only be used for upgrading.” during activation since no OS was previously installed.


Things We Would Do Differently:

After the installation from a Windows Upgrade DVD you will need to edit the registry to allow activation. The registry value change makes the system think there was a previous OS installed. After changing, the system activated normal and updates were able to proceed.



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