Case Study: O&O Backups fail, and fill whole disk

*Backups will not occur if there is no disk space.
Using O & O Disk Image setup for full backups and incremental backups fill up disk space quickly. This results in backups not happening because there is no more disk space on the drive used for backups.
Problem Being Addressed
O & O Disk Image filling up drive with backups and running out of disk space as a result backups will not occur.
The Approach Taken
O & O Disk Image does not have the ability to delete previous backups to free up space before the new backups occur. It does have the ability to overwrite existing backups though. Setting it to a constantly used name such as “Fullbackup.omg” and enabling the overwrite feature fixes this drive being full issue.

Under “Drive imaging” in the “Program settings” you can set the option “Overwrite existing image files”.


Problems Experienced:
In the current environment a full disk drive used for backups was preventing new backups to occur. After changing options to enable image overwriting disk space is freed.


Things We Would Do Differently:
When setting up new backups for clients with O & O Disk Image enabling the “Overwrite” feature and using a consistent backup file name should prevent O & O not performing scheduled the backup with a full disk error.


1. Email from – Martin Dressler
Senior Technical Support Engineer of O & O

2. O&O Documentation PDF‎

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