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Case Study: SBS2003 5CAL Reset Issue

Microsoft KB 888818 reports that it is a KNOWN BUG that SBS2003 sometimes resets to the default of 5 Client Access Licenses (CALs). This can be caused by a number of different circumstances. They propose a handful of different solutions:

Solution 1: Restore CALs using the Backup and Restore CALs wizard in the licensing manager.

Solution 2: Restore the Windows folder from a Backup.

Solution 3: Re-add the CALs to the licensing manager from the original paperwork.

Case Study: Outlook 2013 Incompatible With Exchange 2003

MS Exchange 2003 is no longer supported and Outlook 2013 in not compatible with it. Client will need to downgrade their Outlook version if possible or purchase Outlook 2010. (Volume License agreements offer downgrade rights) Alternatively, you can set up their Exchange account as IMAP. Also, if clients use Comcast Business Class service they can install Outlook 2007 for free typically up to 10 licenses.

Ultimately the client should seriously consider upgrading their server as 2003 is now at it’s end of life cycle.

Case Study: Local Printing in RDP Sessions Functionality

After a power outage the client lost his ability to print locally when in his remote sessions on the Termserver. Initially he was unable to connect. This was found to be an IE 10 issue and was resolved by uninstalling IE 10. Once remote web access was accessible again, the user found that his local printers no longer appeared on the Termserver.

Case Study: Company Shares Unavailable After Power Outage

An extend power outage in the West Eugene Area took down the server environments for several clients. The servers were either shut down or powered off due to the power failure. The environment contains two Server 2003 devices, an SBS and a terminal server. The SBS is connected to two ISCSI targets, one for company data and one for backups.